API 1169 Certification Required for Pipeline Inspectors According to Atlas API Training.

API 1169 training

Projected hiring increase requires new inspection certification for those professionals in the petro chemical and power industries.

Atlas API Training, an international leader in advanced certifications in the petro chemical and power industries announced this week that the new API 1169 certification will be mandatory for all inspectors by 2018.  Hannon McLeod, president of Atlas API Training stated that “across the pipeline industry there are reports that the API 1169 certification is a factor in determining who gets hired and how doesn’t.”   On February 18, 2016 several major pipeline associations announced their support for a program to ensure that pipeline inspectors doing work for the members of the trade groups be certified by 2018.  The American Petroleum Institute's RP 1169, Recommended Practice for Basic Inspection Requirements for New Pipeline Construction is the required certification. 

Providing more information about the new certification Hannon McLeod stated “The Atlas API 1169 Training Course is one of the most comprehensive and thorough study courses in the industry today. The course brings info focus years of field experience, code knowledge and Government regulations that the Atlas teams has garnered over the decades.  We have designed this course to help you understand the full extent of the requirements for becoming an API 1169 Inspector and equally as important, how to Study for the test and Pass the test.”

The Atlas API 1169 Training Course is one of the most comprehensive and thorough study courses in the industry today.

Hannon McLeod, president of Atlas API Training

Atlas API Training Is presently developing an online course designed to prepare an inspector for the API 1169. The course will be available within 60 days. Company and volume discounts will be available.  

About Atlas API Training

Established in Houston in 2014 by Hannon McLeod and Oran Lewis, Atlas API Training provides online petro-chemical and power industries exam preparation courses for advanced industry certification.   Over the past two years Atlas has received multiple requests to expand their offering of advanced API certifications and is now developing additional industry specific training courses that will soon be available.

 Atlas API Training was started with quality, value, and convenience in mind. Our online training courses are designed to give the API students the best opportunity to pass the critical certification exams. The goal is to provide that opportunity in the most convenient manner possible. All course courses are frequently updated to reflect the most current industry specific changes and testing parameters.

Source: Atlas API Training LLC