Atlas API Training Develops Unique Audio Flash Cards to Complement Their Online Exam Prep Courses for Advanced Petrochemical Industry API Certifications

API and CWI Exam Prep Audio Flash Cards and Simulated exams

Atlas's Revolutionary audio flash cards and simulated timed practice exams establish another benchmark level of learning integration.

Atlas API Training announced today the development of two unique additions to their industry acclaimed API online training courses. The development of revolutionary audio flash cards and simulated timed practice exams effectively establish another benchmark level of learning integration in the complex API 510, 570, 580, 653, 1169 and AWS CWI exam training courses that are crucial certifications in the oil, petrochemical, chemical and power industries. Atlas API Training provides a suite of online and onsite API training courses that now include API 510, API 570, API 1169, API 653, API 580 & the AWS CWI (certified welding inspector).

According to Hannon Mcleod, president of Atlas, “The development of our audio flash cards and simulated timed practice exams is a major benefit to students who have chosen to earn these career advancing API & CWI certifications. As Atlas API Training students have experienced over the past few years, we are constantly involved in research & development seeking to perfect and expand our online and onsite training courses. 

Now while taking an Atlas API training course, a student can listen to the audio flashcards while driving, while on break, or in the comfort of their own home. They are composed of quiz/exam questions which are read and followed by the answer. The audio flashcards add another method for a student to prepare for the complex certification exam. We are also very happy to announce that simulated, timed practice exams for the API 510, 570, 580, and CWI courses have arrived. Both the audio flash cards and simulated timed practice exams are exclusive to Atlas API Training and allow for our students to know what to expect and be better prepared when they sit down to take these difficult API and AWS CWI exams.”

About Atlas API Training

Established in Houston in 2014 by Hannon McLeod and Oran Lewis, Atlas API Training provides online and on-site oil, petrochemical and power industries exam preparation courses for advanced industry certification.   Over the past two years Atlas has received multiple requests to expand their offering of advanced API certifications and is now offering API 510, API 570, API 1169, API 653, API 580, Intro to QC and now the AWS CWI Certified Welding Inspector exam training courses to their offering.

Our online and on-site training courses are designed to give students the best opportunity to pass the critical certification exams. All courses are frequently updated to reflect the most current industry specific changes and testing parameters. In the effort to service the ever-increasing demand for onsite instruction, Atlas API Training has also expanded their instructor recruitment program. Contact

Source: Atlas API Training LLC