Introduction to Quality Control for Welding Course to Fill Training and Experience Void in the Petro Chemical and Power Industries

Petro chemical and power industry inspectors and inspection companies will benefit from the new comprehensive training course Introduction to Quality Control for Welding offered by Atlas API Training

A new training course offered by Atlas API Training will greatly reduce the learning curve associated with becoming a Quality Control professional for welding in the petro chemical and power industries.  According to Hannon McLeod, president of Atlas API Training, “The slump in the Oil and Gas Industry has caused many seasoned inspectors to change careers. This has left a void for properly trained and experienced inspection personnel. Prior to the development of our course, the only way was On-the Job training. There is no easy way to gain skills and knowledge that Quality Managers are looking to see on a resume. “  

Atlas API Training will be offering a comprehensive on-line course titled: Introduction to Quality Control for Welding. This course is aimed at new inspectors looking to gain the advantage in the petro chemical and power industries.  According to Hannon McLeod “The course syllabus reads like a Quality Managers wish list, and it turns out that is exactly what it is. Introduction to Quality Control was put together by a veteran Quality Manager and Welding/Quality Department Trainers specifically to give new Inspectors the skills and knowledge to function effectively from day one on the job. The fact that this is an on-line course means that students can take the class in their own time-frame, wherever they are, even on a smart-phone or tablet. No lost time at work, travel, hotel, and meal or other expenses related to actual classroom training.”

We expect to launch the new online course Introduction to Quality Control for Welding by mid- September

Hannon McLeod, president of Atlas API Training

 About Atlas API Training

Established in Houston in 2014 by Hannon McLeod and Oran Lewis, Atlas API Training provides on-line petro-chemical and power industries exam preparation courses for advanced industry certification including  API, CWI, NDT, QA/QC, NDT, Inspection, Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream. Over the past two years Atlas has received multiple requests to expand their offering of advanced API certifications and is now developing additional industry specific training courses that will soon be available.

 Atlas API Training was started with quality, value, and convenience in mind. Our on-line training courses are designed to give the API students the best opportunity to pass the critical certification exams. The goal is to provide that opportunity in the most convenient manner possible. All course courses are frequently updated to reflect the most current industry specific changes and testing parameters.

Source: Atlas API Training LLC